Educating Caregivers - Rituals and Vigils - Celebration of Life

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Educating Caregivers - Rituals and Vigils - Celebration of Life

Caregivers - Our lives would be no where without them. Every Facility has a family of caregivers who give a piece of themselves everyday of the week. Their work is far from easy. We forget, not only does the staff succumb to loss in their own lives, 

they are experiencing death and dying in their chosen profession as well. 

Where would we be without local facilities to take care of our loved ones. Unfortunately, everyone's time comes to an end. Staff Workers should be trained in guiding, supporting and feeling comfortable in traveling end of life. Talking about it is not easy and so often put aside as we are not sure what to do. Thinking about death has us thinking of our own mortality. I help facilitate this.

My name is Susan Capurso and I bring to you a Powerful Interactive Presentation devoted entirely to your staff that addresses the 

emotional, practical and spiritual needs of a person near the end of life. 

We review ritual and vigil practices to help insure every life is honored and treated with dignity, every step of the way.

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In House Presentation 

Rituals and Vigils - A Celebration of Life

Death and Dying, End of Life, Rituals and Vigils

Four Part Presentation

  • Part I - INTRODUCTION - Who I am and who you are in our different roles facilitating the End of Life Process. Reviewing the Psycho-social, Practical, Spiritual and Emotional aspects for both the individual and their family. 

  • Part II - DEATH IS NEAR - Signs of this sacred transition - Physical and Emotional.  Adjusting your mindset and actions - Preparing a Sacred Space - Communing together with colleagues in preparation for the journey to come. 
End of Life, Death and Dying, Rituals and Vigils

  • Part III - RITUALS AND VIGIL'S Through Transition - Tools, Tips and Techniques in bringing different Rituals into an Actively Dying persons life. Ideas to incorporate whether the individual is alone or the family is surrounding. Changing the dynamics now to a calm and peaceful space and ways to hold an honorable vigil in celebration of a life well lived. 

  • Part IV - SELF CARE - PREVENTING BURNOUT - Employees on staff are invaluable to our organization. If they don't take care of themselves as they should, they can't care for the people around them. How do they do this working so many hours and caring for their own families? We stress this importance and suggest mindful ways to bring in wholeness into their own lives. We offer local resources and preventatives as they are grieving right alongside the families as well. They've lost a friend and sometimes this goes unrecognized. We help. 

  •  CLOSING - Summary of our presentation. Throughout the presentation their are interactive Question and Answer Sessions, Worksheets for review and a gift East End Doula Care provides to every staff member in attendance to carry with them and guide them through their honorable experience.