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"Coming Full Circle - When the Diagnosis is Terminal"

Why These Books Are So Important At The End of Life...  GET YOUR BUNDLE BELOW

Coming Full Circle -When the Diagnosis is Terminal

Coming Full Circle is a book for every individual nearing the end of life. This book is also for every caregiver, friend, family member or professional who helps guide and support the person travelling this journey.


End of Life is inevitable for every single one of us. There are things you can do to change the course. 

  • You will feel more connected with the people you love, therefore, feel the closure you need before you go 

  • You will help your friends and family grieve easier in their own journeys

  •  You will leave a thumbprint in amazing and profound ways that you never thought possible

Coming Full Circle- When the Diagnosis is Terminal

Remember Me - The Story of My Life

A book to be filled out by everyone over 50! We lived a full life, we are born with unique and valuable gifts, experiences, and have too many memories to share. Giving your family this unique gift is a treasure. If they aren't asking now, don't worry, they will be. 

This is the story of your life. Each page gives you prompts to get your memories and creative juices flowing. You will fill in your story, the one that will become invaluable to your family for generations to come. 

While the memories are clear and concise, get to work. Leave it on the coffee table and fill out one page a week. We are all the ancestors today, no matter what your age. Validate their lives and give them the roots and heritage they will be searching for. 

Remember Me - The Story of My Life


Get a copy of Remember Me - The Story of My Life and a copy of Coming Full Circle and a get your discount today!

Bundle of Both Books

Soon to be released - MAY 2020 - 

Your signed copy will be shipped immediately once the first shipment is received.