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End of Life Dou​la Services - 631-946-8100

All services are offered online at this time

End of life doula

Online Zoom Consultations - Block of Four - 90 minute online sessions

A Doula guides and supports a person through their end of life journey from early diagnosis through transitioning. A Doula's tool bag is filled with many tools that will help this time flow smoothly. First, we evaluate your individual needs according to where you are today. Then we work together in coming full circle in your life. Below is only a small sample of the services we offer you. Our services are unique to every individuals needs and requests. 

A Small Sample of Services

Journal and Documented Life Story

Thank you Project for Family and Friends

Future Mailings for Milestone Occasions

Thought Provoking Letters Sent 

Life Celebration's Organized and Planned

Video's, Audios, Journaling and more

Gifting away, current possessions and new

Favorite Dinner Event

Bucket Lists Completed both physically and virtually

Advice Journal for future generations to come

Health History Binder for many generations after you

Video or Audio Sentiments to be viewed on Milestone Occasions

Friendship Book

Bedside Albums

Time Blocker Project

Preparing a Sacred Space

Support, guidance and companionship

Family SERVICES - 631-946-8100

With one family member or a room filled with thirty friends and family - Guidance, support and direction

end of life zoom consultations

Two - 90 minute Sessions - Online Zoom Room

When a person you love has a terminal diagnosis, everyone is filled with fear and anxiety. Not knowing what to do or say can be overwhelming and debilitating for all. All of your invites will get a link in their email to join us for two 90 minute sessions. In our sessions we will review ways to help and support their loved one and discuss the tools a Doula would bring to the table. We will chat, support one another, ask questions and have a safe space to bring your concerns. Sessions are booked 2 at a time and extra sessions will be accomodated upon request.

end of life zoom consultations

Family Bereavement Support - 631- 946-8100

After passing, life is hard for everyone. It is devastatingly sad and confusing. There are so many things that need to be done and all you want is to curl up and check out. It's OK, you should.

An End of Life Doula is here for you. Not only before and during the transition, but well after. Unfortunately, there are things that still need to be done and sometimes not enough people to help. 

There are many things we can help with after your loved one has passed. We help you with all your planning. Funeral, cremation, green burials, eulogies, obituaries, memorials, thank-you's and more. We help with phone calls, errands and mundane tasks that have to be done. We can even help to organize, donate or pack up a few things.

We help in planning Memorial events from beginning to end. We button up any End of Life projects implemented to be sure they are completed and given to family and friends.

We are there to hold the family now. We can visit you regularly and be sure you have the help, the resources and proper grieving tools. People come and go now. We can be your rock. If you need a hand we are here for you, however long you need us to be. Sometimes a little guidance and companionship is just what you need thereafter. 

Please call to request time bocks and pricing.

WELL SAID Prof. Kellehear! 

End of Life Doula Awareness is on the rise and we have people like you to thank. You hit the nail on the head! On behalf of End of Life Doulas ... we thank you!