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For Immediate End of Life 

Doula Services

End of Life Guide Services

Life isn't just about creating the memories, it's about remembering the memories we once created. Not only are they left to family for generations to come, they are purposeful projects that take thought, time and focus. If today was your last day with your family, what will your children or friends have to remember you by? Your life is important, we will work together to ensure yours will be treasured long after your time. 

Pass down more than just a prized possession or trust fund. Life is not about money, it's about heart. Preserve the proudest memories in your life today and leave behind a legacy that your children will long for tomorrow. In addition to the projects below, there are never ending options for you to choose and we can discuss all of your requests.

        Our Services            

Here are a few of the services we offer

Companion to Patient and Family

Our main goal as and End of Life Doula is to be a companion to all. We are a supportive presence to hold the space in order to alleviate as much stress and anxiety as possible. ​

Guiding and Educating

We are specially trained in all 3 phases of End of Life care, we guide and educate you as to changing conditions and suggest interventions to the family for increasing comfort.

Helps Facilitate Unresolved Issues

We listen carefully and help facilitate any unresolved issues that are identified leading the way to peaceful communication and closure where needed. Getting to know one another is key in helping you to do this.

Advance Directives and more

If not completed, please explore the Advanced Directive Tab above. we can also help organize other important papers and documents that may be needed later on. Our VIP Organizational project brings everything together

Planning a Vigil/ Rituals and Ceremonies

We help your family build a serene and beautiful Vigil.  We set a sacred space than fill it with calm and peace. The possibilities are endless. We facilitate rituals on every level, we carry out ceremonies we plan together. 

End of Life Planning/Living Life Funeral

We assist the Patient and family in planning a wake, funeral , natural burial or cremation. Options are explored. This is empowering and healing for all. We work directly with a Home Funeral Guide.

Writing Obituary/Eulogy

We can help the the patient and family to write a very unique and personal remembrance. Every life is one to be honored and celebrated. Let's create this together. You CAN write the eulogy you want read later on, we help facilitate this.

Creating After Life Gifts

Your family will hold you in their heart long after your gone. We can help you document meaningful life stories, books with audio, writings, recordings, video's, cards, CD's with your favorite music for gifts and more. 

Find Peace & Acceptance

We help you to find the meaning in your life and summarize your contribution. Family, community, careers etc. This is very healing and filled with closure and peace. 

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Guided Visualizations

Visualization, Meditation and Music Therapy helps tremendously with pain management, anxiety and fear. Aromatherapy brings in comfort and calm.


Organize and Donate things you've been looking to get rid of. This takes the weight off your shoulders. Helps bring a peace and closure. If you were going to give it to them later anyway, let's package it up in a pretty bow and send it on!

Family Rememberances

Plant a Tree / Name a Star

Memory Plaques

Cultivate a Memory Garden

Flowers, Plants, Stones, Benches etc. Natures place to dwell and reflect. Pond creations to hold a sacred space in our memory.

Reading / Audio Journals

Reading Bibles, spiritual books or any other kinds of books that interest you. Very calming and fulfilling. Leaving an audio journal, message or help in completing the "The Story of my Life" to leave for family and friends and for generations to come. 

*(One of our favorite projects to

 bring to completion). 

Family Relationship Support

We take pride in being active listeners, mediators and supporters between family members, extended family and friends during this precious time. 

Thank You Card Memory

We help write and address Thank You cards ahead of time to be given to family and friends expressing your love, wishes and thank you's for being a part of your life all along. 

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Social Media Updates

We can provide kind updates on a private page as to your well being along the way to not worry family and friends during your journey. Updating others this way leaves them feeling grateful, appreciative and at peace.

Personalized Recipe Book

A project to lighten everyone's life for generations to come. We help prepare, organize and distribute this personal book with cherished recipes to be given to family to pass along your famous dishes and creations.

Memory Basket/Book

As family and friends enter your home for visits, memories are shared on cards to be arranged in a scrapbook to be given to your family after time has passed. / Creation of a Memory book with photos and stories for family to cherish forever. 

Host a Life Celebration

We help to prepare, organize and host a Life Celebration in your honor. A Celebration that can be held before your transition of after we say goodbye. This is to Honor and Bless you with a life well loved and lived. (ex: Hat Box of Writings)

Bucket Lists, Virtual Reality, End of Life Wishes


We all want to complete a bucket list before we die. We may not call it a "Bucket List" but we know in our heads it is a list of things to do before we leave the world. Sometimes, life plays out differently and before we know it, things change and bucket lists are not being fulfilled. That is where our VIRTUAL REALITY comes into play. 

We now have the ability to transport you anywhere your want to go. Can't make it to Disney? We'll take you there. Can't visit the cafe in Italy you knew you'd get to, we'll take you. Missed out swimming with the dolphins? Not now! 

With our Virtual Technology, you can go where you want to go.

 A therapy all in itself! Even just a walk down memory lane, we'll find that lane and take you there. Virtual Reality has been known to help alleviate pain and lesson anxiety. With direction and guidance, we can show you a whole new world.

Additional Project Ideas / Legacy Work

  • Journal and Documented Life Story
  • Thank you Project for Family and Friends
  • Future Mailings for Milestone Occasions
  • Thought Provoking Letters Sent as you cross over
  • Life Celebration's Organized and Planned
  • Pillow Shirts! 
  • Cremation Jewelry
  • Memorial Quilts
  • Candlelight Vigils held at Sunset
  • Favorite Dinner Event
  • Bucket Lists Completed both physically and virtually
  • Advice Journal for future generations to come
  • Health History Binder for many generations after you
  • Painting Parting Gift
  • Video or Audio Sentiments to be viewed on Milestone Occasions
  • Friendship Book
  • Nick Nack Artwork and Shadow Boxes
  • Picture Blanket
  • Bedside Albums
  • Time Blocker Project