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Leaving "The Story of Your Life"

We all have a story. When your great grandchildren's children, pick up your story one day, WOW! What a love like that can do. This is a treasure beyond any other treasure that you can leave. Not the clothes in your closet, your Christmas house collection or the jewelry in your box. It will be the Story of Your Life. It will be your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and dreams. 

It will be your knowledge and experiences that you will leave for everyone, priceless!

Life isn't just about creating memories. It's about remembering the memories we created by sharing our wisdom and experiences, in turn helping future generations have a better tomorrow. Every day, we are creating new memories that we hope will last a lifetime. We are writing a story that our children and grandchildren will one-day want to revisit. We guide our children through life and serve as that shoulder to lean on when they need us the most. But if today was your last day with them, what will your children really have to remember you by? 

A few photos, hopefully, a video? Pass down more than just a prized possession or trust fund, pass down a piece of yourself. 

Preserve the proudest memories in your life today and leave behind a legacy that your children will long for 

and treasure with their family and friends tomorrow. 

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A Gift Like No Other

I started helping people leave "The Story of my Life" after seeing the power it had resonating with so many more people then the person who left it. There are no words to describe the magic in a twenty-year old's eyes while reading and listening to the stories, thoughts, and emotions of a relative who lived a hundred years ago. A relative they didn't know anything about. 

We don't share our intimate details when visiting for a few hours on Christmas day. This is important! Your gift will carry on for hundreds of years. You are celebrating a well-lived life while educating and helping the world to see things through your eyes. Don't miss passing on this nugget of gold! In the grand scheme of things, it will mean the world to so many other lives and add so much more value than you'll ever know. 

"The Story of my Life"

One on One

If you live on Long Island in NY, this is a

 service I offer one on one. I travel to you

and spend 3 hours of uninterrupted 

quality time on your personal project. 

REG. $199.00 Limited time $149.00


"The Story of my Life"

VIA Telephone or Online 

ex: Skype or Zoom

If we cannot complete your story

 in person, we can do this over the phone or with an online tool to help. 

Nothing will stop us in completing your

project together! Same 3 hour block

of time.

REG. $199.00 Limited time $149.00


Legacy Creations Unlimited

As leaving Legacy Creations behind for future celebration's is my passion, there are so many more projects we work on in addition to "The Story of my Life". We can leave greeting cards, gifts, documented stories, video's and recordings. There are too many to list here, however, these are creations that can be discussed and implemented via our time together. Projects that can be completed in person on Long Island or virtually as noted above. Call for more information. 

$50.00 per hour - Time blocks are reserved in advance.

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