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Remember Me - The Story of My Life - New Release May 2019

Things To Think About

Caretakers Need Care Too

Caretakers in Facilities Nationwide suffer loss in their personal life and loss in the workplace. Our powerful in house presentations review End of Life Care for both the individual and the caretaker as well. Book a presentation at your Facility today.  631-946-8100

A Doula Can Help

There is a missing gap during the end of life,

 a Doula can help fill this space. 

The Power of Words

Leave your story, leave your love. East End Doula Care can help. There are so many things you can do to have a beautiful last chapter. We can help. 

Do You Know Your History

Be Mindful, Be Pro-Active, get your words in writing now, 

while you still can.

Bucket Lists

Do you have dreams, wishes unfulfilled?

Let us help fill your Bucket List Today!

Do You Know Your History

We all have a history, we all have a story, tell yours now before 

it goes untold forever. 

Entering the World, Leaving the World

We need to do End of Life right! 

Help Take Away the Fear

Dying doesn't have to be so scary. A Doula can help.

Remember Me - The Story of My Life

Please Click Below to view - "The Story of My Life Book and Workshops" to see all the fabulous ways you can complete your very own book.