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Humble Beginnings                      

- Peaceful Endings 

This is, the Circle of Life. It is inevitable and in the cards for every one of us. As a child needs support and guidance coming into the world,  a patient and their family need the same support near the end of life. 

As we flow through this end chapter, it is a sacred milestone to be entered into both gently and mindfully. When our lives unfold, we all need the same comfort and caring that a tender newborn needs when they come into the world.

This time can be outlined in advance, and on your terms. 

This is your Journey, we help make yours the best it can be!

Being terminally ill does not have to be dark and scary.

This can be the most important part of your life. Dying is inevitable for all of us.  You can leave the world with the memory of a life well loved and a life well lived. It's a treasured time that can be filled with meaning and purpose. 

With a little preparation and thoughtful planning, the patient and their family can make the whole end of life process more peaceful and enlightening while leaving their fear and anxiety behind. This is the way we should all move on.

We show you exactly how to do this..

What is an End of Life Guide?

An End of Life Guide or End of Life Doula are one in the same. 

We offer Non-Medical Guidance and Support both Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. We are Givers and Advocates who are there for terminally ill patients and their families. 

We can be with you from the onset of a diagnosis all the way through transition.


The key right now is to help bring balance into an unbalanced time in your life.

We're all unique having different wants, needs and desires. End of Life should be no different. 

During this time we can plan and map out how your story should unfold, and on your terms. 

If you have a special request just ask, we can add it to your story.


We do our best to make your timeline beautiful, peaceful and complete. 

Most of all, we are there for you. We help with legacy projects, making amends with family or just to hold your hand. We help you walk your journey all the way through.

 Our "FAQ's" page will give you a picture of what an End of Life Guide can offer you.


Another very important piece of East End Doula Care's Services is our Elder Care Assistance. Our Elder Care population has sky rocketed and will continue to do so with our lives lasting well into the hundreds. Please see all that encompasses this milestone

 and how we can help fill in the gap at exactly the right time. See our Advanced Directive Tab as well. Buttoning up all your loose ends is pivotal to ensure your wishes are known.

Thank you for visiting East End Doula Care

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National Aging In Place Council

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Our Support in 3 Phases

Phase 1 -

There is a terminal diagnosis. Everyone is in shock. You call and ask us to visit. We spend time getting to know you and assess what you need where you are right now. We help make a plan for this last chapter of life. We help explore past and present, listen to stories and absorb everything, from the beginning to today. Companionship, listening and being in-tune are key. We incorporate creative legacies, video, audio, letters, communication with loved ones, making amends, memorable projects and more. The journey is yours. We bring together all your puzzle pieces, complete unfinished important paperwork and organize all loose ends so nothing feels undone. We'll explore, create and learn together to celebrate the story of you.

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Phase 2

Phase 2 - 

Once actively in transition, we assist in all the non-medical avenues. We bring focus and direction alleviating fear for both the patient and their family. We prepare an End of Life Vigil designed by all of us. We give respite care to family members. We use techniques such as music, guided visualizations, reading, rituals, scents and tenderness to make the surroundings a serene and spiritual place. We help fill this sacred space with Love, Compassion and Closure. It can be a space for unlimited family members, or just your Doula if there is no family to be there. You will have a hand to hold during this time. It is an honor for us to get to share in your experience and we work to ensure this all flows with the grace and dignity we all so deserve.

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Phase 3

Phase 3 - 

After passing, we remain. We are with your family in preparing final arrangements. If previous plans were made, we will follow these. We will make the calls, lead the way and be with your family through it all. 

No matter the situation, there is confusion, the in-ability to focus, grieving, sadness, anger and more. Everyone is in a fog and understandably so. 

We help this time flow smoothly. We support your family as they begin the grief process. We are there to hold the space, to support and guide everyone through this natural process. We offer plenty of bereavement resources take care the family where needed.

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The benefits of bringing in an End of Life Doula:

a. Everyone has an increased sense of control through planning. We educate you and take the anxiety away. Be sure to ask us about our VIP Organization Project. Whether Doula Care or Elder Care, Our unique project will combine all paperwork, accounts, passwords, phone numbers and more into one secure place. No worries finding anything again! 

b. Better symptom management. A Doula knows what to look for and can teach you little things to help make the patient feel more comfortable and to help this time feel more managed. 

c. We provide downtime for caregivers or family members. The Pilot always says,"Put your mask on first". If you don't stop, breathe and walk away, you are no good to yourself or anyone else around you. Take a minute, we are there for you.

 d. The experience of losing someone you love is like no other. We listen and reprocess the experience, both good and bad. We provide you with alternative resources, give you the support you need and stay on, depending on your needs. Most of all we are a presence to guide, support and help with anything you need.

"When most of us think about death, we feel deep sadness and fear of the unknown. By fearing death, we miss the countless opportunities in our everyday life to open our hearts and minds, and for savoring this sacred and natural milestone.

Release your fear and live for this moment, this is all we really have."  -  Susan Capurso

Great Video on End of Life


Years ago we weren't so busy, far apart or unconnected as we are today. It used to be a natural process to pass away at home surrounded by family. Times have changed. Saying goodbye in a cold hospital room with bells, whistles, machines and strangers, is not a loving or natural way. We can choose. With a plan in place you can leave the world with the love and closeness 

of family and friends surrounding you.

Our Senior population is larger than ever. Did you know...


​There are 75 Million Baby Boomers over the age of 65 and 20% of them do not have children 


9 out of 10 people want to be kept at home if they become terminally ill


The # 1 concern of a person dying is not becoming a burden to their family members

What our clients are saying

When both of my parents were gravely ill, the only thing I was sure of was that I needed help. East End Doula Care gave our family the guidance and support that we needed so badly. Susan's professionalism and care made the passing of both my parents an organized, caring and loving event. 

Richard Perrillo, East End Builders

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